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Let your little one experience the fun of a gentle swing on a hammock or swing seat. Here at My Hammocks, we stock a selection of high-quality, completely safe, and comfortable kids hammocks. If you’re a parent looking for the perfect way to occupy the little ones, then a hammock for your child is the perfect solution. My Hammocks range for kids are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Most importantly – they’re easy to clean, so kids can have the time of their lives on the hammock, and you won’t need to worry about a messy clean-up!

The soothing back and forth motion of a hammock or hammock chair is proven to be an effective way of developing balance in kids, and the sensation is comforting to young ones with anxiety. Bring the fun and comfort to your home with the meticulous craftsmanship of Indoor Hammocks or Outdoor Hammocks from My Hammocks. Perfect for kids to play or for you to relax, select postcodes can also enjoy free shipping and fast delivery. Shop the range now! 




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Hammocks add to the wonderland of the backyard for kids. Between running around the garden, and climbing trees, a hammock is the next location where their imagination can run wild. Hammocks for kids are fun to climb onto and comfortable to swing for hours on. Kids love the bright colours of our hammocks and hanging chairs, as well as the floating, swinging sensation above ground.


Benefits of Hammocks for Kids

Kids hammocks have several significant benefits for their development, both physical and mental. 

  1. The gentle rocking helps support their bodies, helping kids build strength early on.
  2. Hammocks with added sensory features make kids feel safe, especially if they are experiencing overstimulation.
  3. Hammocks have been shown to boost concentration in kids and are a perfect spot for them to have quiet time to read a book and focus.
  4. If your child is having trouble sleeping during the night-time, a daytime rest in a comfortable hammock outdoors and indoors can help them catch up on some much-needed Z’s
  5. Behavioural issues? Have you child spent some time in a hammock to reflect, the rocking motion will boost their endorphins after a tantrum and help them to calm down.

Are your hammocks safe for kids?

Yes, they are! Hammocks are not as unsafe as many people believe, when your kids’ hammock is set up in a safe location, your kids are instructed on how to properly use the hammock, then there is no reason why a hammock can’t be a safe place to kick back for any child.

Brazilian-style hammocks such as the hammock bed swing don’t have any cords for kids to get hands or fingers stuck in but are still sturdy and comfortable. Our kids’ hammocks also do not use spreader bars, as these bars can increase the likelihood of them flipping over when used incorrectly.   

The difference between a fun time relaxing, and a serious accident comes down to the assembly. Ensure all hammocks, stand, and quality fixings are properly assembled before anyone gets on, and always pay attention to the load-bearing limit of any kid’s hammock.


Safety tips for kids’ hammocks

Our hammocks are designed to be as safe and supportive as possible. Ultimately the safety of your children comes down to installation and proper supervision. Pay close attention to the following safety tips to keep kids free from injury when using our great quality, secure hammocks.

  • Don't leave kids unsupervised on the hammock - indoors and outdoors.
  • Avoid hanging the hammock at a height with a dangerous drop.
  • Hang your kid’s hammock in a safe location, try and avoid slopes, near water, and other dangerous terrain.
  • Always inspect the hammock before letting the kids use it.
  • Teach kids about the safe usage of hammocks, instructing them never to jump on the hammock or swing too aggressively.
  • Educate kids how to safely get in the hammock, never going feet first


When can children start using a hammock?

There is no exact age range that we have set for our kid’s hammocks. However, as a general guide, kids should be able to get in and out of the hammock on their own for it to be safe for them to use it. Our kid’s timber hammock bed swing is appropriate for babies, as it’s made to prevent them from rolling out of the sides. No matter how old your toddler or kid is, we always recommend keeping an eye on them when using a hammock.


What’s the weight capacity of the kids’ hammocks?

The weight capacity of each kid's hammock is different from product to product. Every hammock on our website will list maximum weight and provide guidance on recommended use and care. Even though our high-quality fixings are durable and ensure a high weight capacity, hammocks for kids are not designed for adult use. Kids are welcome to share larger hammocks with parents, but it is essential that mums and dads leave their kids to delightful play in the smaller hammocks to avoid damaging the fabric.