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Gardeon Hammocks

Browse the My Hammocks range of premium Gardeon Hammocks. More than just a practical hammock for indoor or outdoor use, Gardeon Hammocks are designed with decoration and aesthetics in mind. Enhancing in any setting with meticulous craftsmanship and a luxurious feel, these are hammocks for genuine pleasure seekers.

Our range of Gardeon Hammocks are all elevated above the standard hammock. Bohemian features transport users to an idyllic paradise, where the gentle rock of the hammock is a backdrop to ultimate pleasure. Gardeon Hammocks come decorated with either bright colours or softer neutral details, ensuring that there is a hammock for any setting. Gardeon hammocks are the complete package; they combine the strength of solid timber with the durability of a cotton and polyester blend material.  

Produced entirely with durable fabrics, all Gardeon Hammocks are long-lasting and easy to maintain backyard accessories. Enjoy relaxation for years to come with Cotton Hammocks and Free Standing Hammocks from MyHammocks. Simply set one up and place your order today to receive free Australia-wide shipping on all applicable orders. 


The Gardeon Hammock Experience 

Gardeon Hammocks have the ability to transform an ordinary setting into one of serene beauty. From indoor to outdoor, a hammock can provide a luxurious place to unwind after a tiresome day. For more social occasions, a Gardeon hammock is a statement to an entertaining area even whilst not in use. The pinnacle of comfort, Gardeon hammocks caress the body and provide total relaxation within the soft fabric. 

With every hammock chair stand made from a solid rail, ample support, and quality cotton fabric, a Gardeon hammock provides outdoor relaxation that will last.

My Hammocks customers love Gardeon Hammocks for their premium feel and durability. Setting up your hammock instantly elevates any setting into one that feels chicer and more modern. Gardeon is the premium choice for decorators looking to upgrade the outdoor feel of their home to suit the interior. My Hammocks has carefully curated our range from Gardeon to offer an excellent standpoint on which to begin your path to supreme luxury. 


Gardeon Hammocks FAQ 


Do You Sell Cheap Gardeon Hammocks? 

Gardeon is a premium manufacturer of world-class hammocks. Their products are tested thoroughly to ensure their condition, and Gardeon uses only the best materials to provide comfort for the user. As a result, Gardeon hammocks are not initially cheap to purchase, but the value for money is well worth the investment. My Hammocks doesn't stock producers of low-quality hammocks that will fall apart after days or weeks.

When you buy a Gardeon hammock, you are guaranteed to receive a first-class product that will last you for years if properly taken care of. All Gardeon products include free shipping to almost anywhere in Australia. If you're seeing a better price at one of our competitors, make sure to check the cost of their shipping to see where our value lies.


Is Postage Included?

All Gardeon hammocks purchased through My Hammocks will receive free shipping to metro areas in Australia. 

For destinations outside of metropolitan areas, your postcode details may not be included in our free shipping offer. Check out our shipping information page to find out if your postcode is included in the shipping offer. Those postcodes are listed here. 


How Long Do Gardeon Hammocks Last? 

As a premium quality product, Gardeon hammocks are assembled with longevity in mind. The high-quality materials used will see your hammock last years. However, just like any product, the mediocre upkeep of your hammock will see the materials degrade much quicker. Like other outdoor accessories, exposure to the elements outside, including rain and sunlight, will make the fabric and supporting structure deteriorate quicker. You can extend the life of your hammock by following these key steps:  

  1. Store your hammock away from the outdoor elements when it is not in use. 
  2. Use smooth hooks, ropes, chains, or cords when hanging or tying your hammock to reduce damage to the eye of the hammock. 
  3. Avoid spilling liquids on the natural fibres, which are sensitive to mould or mildew. 
  4. Keep sharp objects away from the materials of the hammock to reduce the chances of tears or snags on the cords. 

A well-taken care of Gardeon hammock should provide the owner with many years of service. My Hammocks would not stock any products that we would not personally endorse.  


How Much Weight Do Gardeon Hammocks Hold? 

Gardeon produces a range of hammocks in many shapes and sizes. Each style of hammock is designed to hold different weights safely. On each of the product pages in the Gardeon range, you will find the manufacturer's provided maximum weight capacity (usually 120kg). If that information is not available, please get in touch with our support team for further details based on the style you are interested in.


Do You Deliver Gardeon Hammocks Overseas?

At this point, My Hammocks only ships our range of Gardeon hammocks and hammock chair collection to Australian addresses. We are looking to expand our service range to our overseas customers in the future, so keep an eye on our website and social pages to be the first to hear about new shipping locations.


How Long Does Delivery Take? 

The delivery time for your Gardeon hammock will depend on stock availability and your location. Once your order has been processed by our team, you will receive shipping information soon after, which includes the tracking number and the delivery provider. If we cannot fulfil your order for any reason, we will be in contact to organise a replacement or an alternative solution.


What Should I Do If My Hammock Is Damaged In Transit?

If your hammock is damaged during delivery, be sure to get in touch with our team as soon as possible. Please provide us with your order number and all relevant details of the damages, for example a single damaged attachment point or torn high-quality polyester cotton material. We may organise a return of the item for a physical inspection. Damaged hammocks will be replaced in accordance with our refund policy.


Is There a Warranty? 

Each Gardeon hammock comes with a warranty. Gardeon firmly supports the quality of their products and has warranties across their entire range in addition to standard consumer rights in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.