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Free Standing Hammocks

Take relaxation and self-care to the next level in 2023 with a free-standing hammock from My Hammocks Australia - the ideal relaxation fit for your garden or patio.

Whether you’re looking for more flexibility or simply a stylish and comfortable hammock with a stand that doesn’t require anchor points, our range of free-standing hammocks can breathe new life into your backyard or spare room.

Hammocks are the perfect addition to your backyard, spare room, or next beach camping trip when free-standing. With a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from, there is a free-standing hammock to suit everyone’s taste and budget at My Hammocks online.

Take your relaxation to the next level with Garden Hammocks, spreader bar hammocks, hammock chairs or Outdoor Hammocks from MyHammocks. Explore the range online and enjoy free, Australia-wide delivery on all applicable orders.




Why Are Hammocks with a Free Standing Option So Good? 

Hammocks with a free standing feature provide a simple, movable hammock that can travel with you from room to room, or state to state. Unlike traditional hammocks, which require multiple anchor points and tree straps to hang, these hammocks incorporate a hammock stand which means that you're free to set up wherever you want to relax. That means that as the sun moves throughout the day and hides behind trees, you can simply pick up your hammock with stand and move into (or out of) the sun and relax as you wish.

Free standing hammocks with stands feature two parts – the hammock, and the hammock stands. When you buy a free-standing hammock online for a great price in Australia, you rarely receive a high-quality stand and hammock. At My Hammocks, we are different – we only import and sell premium quality products that are designed to last you for years, not months.

We want your hammock or new double hammock to become part of the family and part of the furniture, which is why we back all of our products with a warranty and ensure that they are safe and practical for the whole family. The best bit? Our free standing products are extremely comfortable. Check out our free standing hammock chair for indoors selection. Online shopping, fast delivery, good quality products, and great service - what more could you want!? 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can a hammock and stand hold? 

Each hammock that we sell includes a weight rating which is listed on the individual product page. We recommend checking the weight rating to see whether the quality hammock is the right fit for your needs. If you’re looking for something a little larger or want to accommodate multiple adults, we recommend you check out our range of double size hammocks. All of our free standing hammock chair comes with stands which will detail its weight rating.


How long do freestanding hammocks last?

The lifespan of your free-standing hammock will depend entirely on how you store, treat, and care for it and the hammock stand. We recommend using your hammock wherever you wish - outdoor living space, camping adventure, indoors - as long as you take care of the materials. Like anything, a hammock or double size hammock that is left outdoors or exposed to harsh elements will invariably deteriorate at a faster rate than a hammock that is stored indoors or packed away and cleaned after use.

Some of the most important factors that will influence the life of your hammock include:

  • Where you store your hammock – products that are stored inside and away from the elements will last longer than those that are left outside during harsh weather conditions (even for outdoor hammocks).
  • Your climate – generally speaking, hammocks that are used in tropical or salty regions will be subject to faster wear than those that are in stable or less harsh environments.
  • How you use it – Jumping in and out of your hammock or routinely exceeding the recommended weight capacity is a sure-fire way to cause premature wear and tear. Each product that we sell comes with individual care instructions that will help you to get the most out of it. If you want to accommodate multiple people in your new outdoor hammock, check out our double hammock selection.

The products that we sell are durable and designed to last for years – not for months. We don’t sell seasonal or cheap free-standing hammocks that will deteriorate after a few months of use.


Do you ship Australia wide?

Yes – we provide free and fast shipping Australia wide to most metropolitan areas. To see if your postcode is eligible for no-cost shipping for products from our hanging chairs with stand collection and hammocks, check out our shipping guide here.

Before you pull the trigger on a competitor, make sure that you check out postage costs to your destination. Quality hammocks are inherently heavy, which means that postage prices can add up quickly. We include free postage with all eligible products which means that you won’t need to worry about additional shipping and handling fees at check out. 

At this stage, we do not offer international shipping. Keep an eye on our website and social pages to find out more about updates to shipping destinations.


What other products do you provide?

As well as providing freestanding hammocks with full hammock frames, we also provide popular models of hammock chairs, cotton hammocks, indoor hammocks, outdoor hammocks, kids hammocks, double hammocks, spreader bar hammocks , resort hammocks and camping hammocks! Whatever type of hammock you're looking for to enjoy some much needed quiet time, we're confident you can find it online with us. We also offer a carry bag selection. If you're looking for a great product range that includes every type of hammock - we're your guys!



Can you provide a warranty?

Yes, all of the products that we stock in our online store come with a warranty which is specific to the product and the manufacturer. Check out the product page that you are looking at to find out more about the warranty for that item.