Mexican Hammocks

Mexican hammocks are the traditional style of hammocks that have kept its users comfortable for thousands of years. With their vibrant colour schemes, Mexican hammocks are a living representation of the Mayan culture that first pioneered the hammock.

A Mexican hammock in your home adds brings any setting to life, with its colours popping against any interior theme.  Combining the comfort of cotton with the durability of nylon, My Hammocks range of Mexican hammocks are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. With proper care, you can expect years of comfort and relaxation from your hammock.




Frequently Asked Questions



Why choose a Mexican hammock?

Bring the joys of Central America to your lounge or backyard with My Hammocks. Each hammock is handmade in Mexico by skilled artisans, who built upon weaving techniques that have been passed down for hundreds of years. The Mexican hammocks are all created using the traditional hand-woven technique, and when combined with the modern advances of sturdier fabrics, creates stronger, softer, more robust hammocks that last far longer than other hammocks.

Our hammocks also feature ornamental frills that hang from the sides, and give the hammocks a nice decorative aspect to fit within your indoor or outdoor arrangements, wherever you choose to hang your hammock.

Mexican Hammocks enliven any setting, with an exotic feeling that will transport the user onto a holiday in Central America without needing to leave their backyard. Throw on some mariachi and kick your feet up!


Where’s the spreader bar? 

Luckily for you – it’s not needed! Traditional Mexican hammocks do not have spreader bars to keep the hammock open. Whilst this might sound like one rock will see you wrapped up like a burrito, you must instead lie diagonally across the weaves of the hammock. You become the spreader, and hammock will rock gently under you. By doing this, the hammock will mould to your body, offering support in important areas in your back and neck – you’ll be surprised how easily you’ll fall asleep!


How long do Mexican hammocks last?

There’s no definite answer to this question. The longevity of your hammock comes down to how you use, store, and maintain your hammock over its lifetime. 

Here’s a few ways you can take care of your hammock to extend its years of valuable service to your relaxation:

  • Store your hammock when it is not in use, away from the elements
  • Avoid damp places, as it can rot the cotton
  • Never fold away your hammock when it is wet or damp
  • Construct your hammock away from bodies of water
  • Do not jump or aggressively swing in the hammock.

The simplest way to care for your hammock from Mexico, and ensure it lasts for as long as possible, is to follow the care instructions that are included in your purchase.


How long does delivery take? 

How long your My Hammocks delivery will take to arrive will depend on stock availability and your location. Once your order with free applicable shipping has been processed by our team, you will receive your shipping confirmation soon after, which includes the tracking number and details of our delivery provider. If we cannot fulfil your Mexican hammock order for any reason, we will be in contact to organise a replacement or an alternative solution.


What sizes are your Mexican Hammocks available in?

Our range of Mexican hammocks are available in two sizes to suit your needs. For lone rangers, there’s the single-size hammock, which is perfect for nodding off to peaceful rest without anyone disturbing you. Single Mexican hammocks can be set up in a smaller area, allowing the user a more private sense of relaxation.

On the other side, King size hammocks have plenty of room to stretch and relax. The high-quality and durable cotton allows two people to comfortably rock together. Make sure you pay attention to the maximum load-bearing capacity of the Mexican hammocks before loading onto them, as you don’t want to risk breakage. 


Can I use Mexican hammocks outdoors?

Absolutely – our hammocks can be attached to both indoor and outdoor areas. We recommend assembling your Mexican hammock outdoors only in good weather to preserve the condition of the yarn, and when you are finished, you should neatly fold it up and place it away for storage.


Do My Hammocks ship overseas?

At this point, My Hammocks only ships our range of Mexican hammocks to our customers in Australia. We are continually looking for ways to grow, and shipping internationally is high on our list for the future. But for now, just keep an eye on our website and social media to be the first to hear about opening new shipping locations.