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Queen Size Outdoor Cotton Hammock in Radiante

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Add colour to your patio with this gorgeous radiante coloured hammock.

Our outdoor cotton hammocks are just as soft and comfortable as our traditional cotton hammocks, yet they are more robust and durable.


- This queen sized outdoor cotton hammock has designed for one adult and a child to climb into and enjoy a gentle sway. 
- The soft cotton string is 3 to 4 times thicker than our traditional cotton hammocks, making them robust enough to hold up to 200kg.
- Built for heavy use or play in the great outdoors, they are pet and child friendly and are weather resistant.
- Hang your outdoor hammock undercover to ensure a long life, however if you plan to hang this hammock in full sun, we recommend using a hammock protector, or unhooking and folding away when not in use.

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Package Content:
1 x Queen Size Outdoor Cotton Hammock in Radiante (as pictured).