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How to hang a swing chair indoors

Indoor swing chairs or hammock swing chairs are aesthetic additions to any home. But how exactly do you install one. Here’s a primer on doing just that.

What is a swing chair?

Swing chairs or hammock chairs are seats that “swing” from a fixture, either standing or from the roof. They can be made from a myriad of materials but most are either woven or plaited with rope or other material – this lends them a bohemian look popular for the style.

Swing chairs are a popular decor choice for both indoors and out. This article is going to direct you on how to hang a swing chair inside.

Things you’ll need

  1. A swing chair
  2. Hanging hardware. This includes a ⅜ inch eye screw that can hold at least 300 pounds. The thread should be at least 4 inches long.
  3. Two S-hooks, locking carabiners, or quick link chain connectors. Whichever option you choose must be able to support at least 300 pounds.
  4. Electric drill
  5. Chains or rope. If using chain it should be heavy-duty, galvanized chain, pre-measured. If using rope it should be at least ¾ inches in diameter and able to hold at least 300 pounds.

Hanging the chair

Hanging an indoor swing chair is relatively simple but you need the right strategy.

Step 1:

Locate a ceiling joist in your desired location. It should be at least 2-6 inches to ensure it can hold both the weight of the chair and any person who sits in it.

If you’re having trouble locating a joist, you can use a stud finder tool to help you. Once found, mark either side of the joist and trace a line in pencil between the two points. The middle of this line is where you’ll be screwing your fixtures to hang your chair.

When choosing a spot for your swing chair, allow for at least three feet behind and 14 inches on either side of the chair. This will ensure you don’t knock into any fixtures or other furniture.

Step 2:

Drill a pilot hole into the centre mark on the joist. The hole should be about 3 inches deep. Ensure the drill bit you use has a smaller diameter than the eye screw you’re using to hang the chair.

Step 3:

Once you have your pilot hole, you can screw your eye screw into it. Go carefully as sometimes the pressure can cause the wood to split. The threading should no longer be visible by the time you’ve twisted the screw all the way in. If you’re having trouble tightening the screw, you can employ a screwdriver or other suitable tool – simply wedge it through the eye of the eye screw for leverage and tighten.

Step 4:

Attach your S-hook, locking carabiner, or quick link chain connector to the eye screw.

Step 5:

Attach one end of your rope or chain to the swing chair’s hanging device. The other end of the rope or chain will attach to the eye screw using the S-hook, locking carabiner, or quick link chain connector.

Ensure your chair is at least 2-3 feet off the floor for maximum comfort.

Enjoy your indoor swing chair

Indoor swing chairs are great additions to your interior. Now you know how to install an indoor swing chair in your home.