How to fix a drooping hammock

Fix a drooping hammock in one easy step!

Our robust hammocks are designed to last even in Australia’s harshest environments; however, every now and then you may find that you need to make some minor adjustments to your hammock to enjoy maximum comfort.

After many years of hammock use, you may find that the hammock hangs lower than when you first installed it. This is normal and part of the wear and tear process. The cotton fibres in the hammock lengthen over time and the ropes used to hang and secure the hammock also stretch.

The easiest way to revive your hammock is to simply make a few adjustments to your drooping hammock. The adjustments will need to be made to the hammock ropes which may be longer than necessary. There are a few ways to shorten these ropes:

Option 1: Add knots to the ropes between the hammock bed and the loop used to secure the hammock. One or two knots should suffice, and it’s best to add a knot to either side of the hammock to ensure that the hammock remains even.

Option 2: Alternatively, you may be able to wrap the excessive hammock rope around the tree, pole or stand that is connected to your hammock – be sure to retie your hammock securely back to the connection point.

Note that the above methods may not be able to be applied to hammocks with spreader bars.

After you have adjusted the hammock rope, slide back into your hammock and check the feel, the hammock should wrap around your body snuggly, and be on a 30-degree angle. The distance between the floor and the hammock base should be 45 cm (18 inches) which is the average height of a chair.

Once you have adjusted your hammock to the correct length, the next thing to do is to climb into your hammock and enjoy your handy work!