Hammock Swing Chair in Confeti

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Present-time demands an astonishing and captivating outdoor garden for the family gathering and close friends get together. For this, it is definite to have an extravagant and appealing garden adorned with a hammock swing to set an enticing aura and joyful vibe for the guests. With cozy and multi-colored swing, it’s time to embellish your outdoor setting.


- Extra large outdoor swing hammock with additional back support. These swing hammocks are large enough to relax vertically or horizontally.
- Add a relaxed vibe to your outdoor setting with this multi-coloured hammock chair with wood accents.
- Easy to assemble and set up! Just hang this swing hammock to a secure hooks or use a hammock frame.
- Maximum capacity 110kg.

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Package Contents:

1 x Hammock