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Hammock Swing

Let’s be honest – for most of us, we're at our most relaxed, seated upright, with a good book on our lap, staring out at a nice view. For this, you'll need a hammock swing. My Hammocks presents an extensive range of swing chair hammocks that provide a comfortable sitting retreat when lying down just isn't quite what you're after.

Whether you want to enjoy a nice glass of wine upright or have your hammock swing chair installed in a more social outdoor location, our range of hammock swings offer the solution. Our hammock swings are perfect for anyone who wishes to remain engaged in conversation while embracing that classic hammock floating sensation. The added back support gives you the flexibility to relax, lean back, or be more upright if desired.

Take your relaxation to the next level with a Swing Chair Hammock or an Indoor Hammock from MyHammocks. Choose from a wide range of colours and styles to suit your décor and receive free, Australia-wide shipping on all applicable orders. "



Why Choose a Hammock Swing? 

Each of our hammock swings is lovingly handcrafted in Mexico. Every weave is made with comfort in mind. Coupled with the additional back support compared to a regular hammock, you'll have a broader range of more comfortable positions that you can enjoy. You'll still have all the gentle rocking of a traditional hammock, providing the soothing backdrop to help you really engross yourself in your latest book.  

Hammock Swings are loved by our My Hammocks customers that want their hammock to be the centrepiece in indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. The dual function as a tranquil sanctuary in times of solitude and as the focus in social engagements gives our Hammock Swing chairs its popularity. So, wherever you like to spend quality time drinking, eating, or reading, that space is incomplete without our hammock swing. 


Hammock Swing FAQs


How much weight can the hammock swing chairs hold? 

The weight capacity of our hammock swings varies between model, brand, and material. Each My Hammocks product has a detailed information guide that will outline the hammock swing features, which includes the recommended maximum weight. 


How long is a hammock's lifespan? 

My Hammocks sells hammock swings that are constructed with durability in mind. However, just like any product, how you store, use and care for your hammock swing chair will influence its duration. Proper care is required for all hammocks, especially the handcrafted Mexican type, which can have an almost indefinite lifetime if properly maintained. 

If you leave your hammock swing outside, exposed to the elements even when not in use, the materials will weaken quicker. It is vital to keep your hammock swing chair inside or folded away when not in use. 

Other important considerations:  

  • Your local climate – saltwater and excessive humidity can wear away materials. 
  • Where you set up your hammock – Inside hammocks tend to last longer than those kept outdoors. Outdoor hammocks should be stored away when not in use.
  • Who uses your hammock – kids love to spin, jump, and rock in hammocks. Mistreated Hammocks will invariably last a significantly shorter time than those used mindfully and properly maintained.
  • Keep it dry – keep your hammock swing away from water, and properly drying it if it gets wet will ensure the longevity of your hammock.  

Each hammock swing is made to be loved and used for years. A hammock needs to be cared for properly to ensure this. So, regardless of the material your hammock swing chair is made with, how you care for it will significantly affect the length of its life. 


How much does postage cost?

If you are within the main metropolitan areas of Australia, your hammock swing will be delivered to you at no extra cost.   

A durable Hammock swing chair is not the lightest product to ship, to we regrettably cannot deliver to all postcodes free of charge. To check if you qualify for free shipping, please see our shipping information page to see if your postcode is included. You can find out more about those postcodes here.  

Unfortunately, we are not able to ship overseas at this time. It is a feature we are looking to implement in the future, so keep a close eye on our website and social pages to be the first to hear about any new shipping destinations. 


How long will my hammock take to arrive?

The delivery period for your hammock swing or hammock swing chair will depend on where it's going and the stock availability. Following us receiving and processing your order, a member of our team will be in touch to relay all relevant information, including the tracking number provided by the courier we use. Delivery times vary from operator to operator, but we will be on hand to answer any queries as they arise. If for any reason, we are unable to process or fulfil your order, we will be in contact to organise the most appropriate solution. 


Do the hammocks come with a warranty? 

Every single hammock available on our website will come with a warranty from the manufacturer. With the wide range of products that we have available, there are many different guarantees offered by the manufacturers. We recommend visiting the various product pages to determine the variances in warranty periods and terms.