Hammock Chairs

Shop the Hammock Chairs Australia loves with My Hammocks. Find peace and enjoy the sun all year around with hammock chairs that are easy to assemble, store, and transport around the home or down at the park.

Our range of holiday-inspired hammock chairs will make you feel like you’re a million miles away – even when you’re lazing around on your day off. Whether you are looking for an outside swing that will complement your backyard and create the ultimate chillout spot, or you’re looking for an indoor hammock chair that will breathe new life into your spare room – we’ve got something to suit everyone. Find the perfect indoor or outdoor hammock for your place today and enjoy free, Australia-wide shipping on all applicable* orders.




Why Hammock Chairs?

Whether you’ve been captivated by a Pinterest board or you’re looking for a unique piece of furniture to liven up your home or backyard – hammock chairs are a great option. Hammock chairs provide a unique, bohemian feel that will have you dreaming of your next holiday in the sun or gently rocking to the tune of jazz and a comforting book on a rainy afternoon. 

Our customers love the mobility and flexibility that is afforded by Hammock Chairs. You won’t need to hang, drill, or find space for your hammock chair which is perfect if you are renting or perennially looking for new ways to refresh your home. With a hammock chair, you’ll be able to move, shuffle, and rearrange your indoor or outdoor settings to make the most of the sunlight or Feng shui.


Hammock Chair FAQs

Do you offer the cheapest hammock chairs in Australia?

We provide high-quality, long-lasting hammock chairs that will make you feel safe and supported every time that you use them. Unlike other companies, we do not stock low-quality, cheap hammocks that will deteriorate after the first few times that you use them. We focus on delivering high-quality, sustainable hammocks that provide the best bang for your buck in Australia.

When shopping for cheap hammock chairs, it is important to remember that all of our products include free shipping which means that the prices on our website may appear differently to our competitors. We would encourage you to look at the delivered prices of our competitors when comparing a like for like product.


What is the weight capacity of hammock chairs? 

The weight capacity of hammock chairs varies depending on the product. Each product on our website will list a maximum weight and provide guidance on recommended use and care.


How long will my hammock chair last?

Sadly, we cannot provide a simple answer to this question. The way that you use, store, maintain, and care for your hammock chair will ultimately determine the amount of life that you get out of the product.


There are a number of key variables that will determine how long your hammock lasts for. These include:


  • Where the hammock is stored or if it is kept outside in the elements
  • The climate – saltwater environments can cause premature wear
  • Whether the hammock gets wet or is stored next to a pool or ocean
  • How the hammock is used – jumping and bounding can cause premature wear


A simple way to care for your hammock chair and prolong its life is to use a protective cover and store it in a dry location. Each product comes with care instructions that are designed to maximise the lifespan of your hammock.


How much does postage cost?

My Hammocks provides free Australia wide delivery on all applicable orders to metro destinations around Australia. We use a network of safe, efficient, and trusted couriers to deliver your product as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Due to the nature of the goods, we do have a handful of locations that we cannot provide free shipping to. You can find out more about those postcodes here.


How long does delivery take?

The timeframe for delivery will depend on stock availability and the destination of delivery. Once you order is processed, our friendly team will provide you with a live tracking number so that you can track your order each step of the way. If you’re hesitant about ordering or need your hammock by a certain date, we encourage you to get in touch before placing your order to ensure we can meet your deadline.


Do you deliver internationally?

Sadly, not at this stage.

My Hammocks currently only delivers within Australia. Orders may be placed using an overseas account and can be delivered to any postcode in Australia.


Do you provide a guarantee?

Each of our products will come with a different guarantee depending on the manufacturer and the product type. Check out our product pages for product guarantees and warranty. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch with the team to find out more about our individual product warranties.