Gardeon Outdoor Swing Chair Timber Hammock Pillow Patio Wooden Bench Furniture

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Set your life to relax mode with the Gardeon timber hammock chair. Built with high durability and workmanship, the timber hammock chair is a joy to use in the patio, garden or chill out zone. 

Have it indoors or outdoors, for a perfect resting spot or as a peaceful reading zone, the chair is designed to give ample support for your body.

- Made with beautiful imported Larch wood and durable and soft-touch polyester cotton blend fabric, place this hammock in your favourite reading spot for the ultimate form of relaxation.
- With a vibrant colour pattern (with two cushions included) the canvas is robust and can hold up to 120kg.
- Suitable for both indoors or outdoors.

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Brand: Gardeon
Material: Larch wood
Weight capacity: 120kg
Overall size: 137cm x 124cm x 180cm
Colour: Rainbow

Package Contents:
1 x Gardeon Hammock Chair
1 x Hammock
2 x Pillow