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Cotton Hammocks

My Hammocks range of cotton hammocks are the softest hammocks available. Soft in their texture and feel, cotton hammocks also give users the sensation of floating on a cloud. Cotton hammocks are traditional in material, but distinctly modern in design, providing complete ergonomic support for anyone lucky enough to kick back in one.

Our collection of cotton hammocks is perfect for any scenario around the home. Indoor, outdoor, maybe even in the living room! It doesn't matter where you want to install your hammock, as long as it's in a place where you feel comfortable. Available in a wide selection of colours and sizes, our cotton hammocks range is sure to slide in perfectly to wherever you choose to kick back and relax.

Find the best cotton hammock for you by browsing our range of Garden Hammocks and Indoor Hammocks. Take advantage of free domestic shipping on all valid orders.



Premium Quality Cotton Hammocks 

Whether you're buying yourself a cotton hammock to relax (hey, we won't judge!) or looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, My Hammocks has you covered. Cotton hammocks are the ultimate summertime indulgence. We can't think of a more perfect afternoon than gently nodding off to sleep in the balmy summertime air with your feet up in a hammock. 

Whether you are looking for an eye-catching colour pattern to liven an outdoor patio, or a more neutral colour scheme to blend in with elegant interior décor, there is a cotton hammock for you. Despite their delicate feel, our entire range of cotton hammocks are all incredibly durable. Proper care for your cotton hammock will see it last you many years, and hours upon hours of total comfort.


Cotton Hammock FAQs 


How Much Weight Can a Cotton Hammock Hold?

My Hammocks stocks a wide selection of shapes and styles of cotton hammocks. Each hammock comes with an individual weight classification. For more information on our cotton hammocks' load-bearing capacity, please see each separate product page.


How Long Do Cotton Hammocks Last? 

There is no set time lifespan for any cotton hammock. How you treat your hammock will determine how many years of practical use you get out of it. Several key factors will influence how long it lasts, such as:

  • Whether the hammock gets wet or is stored next to a pool or ocean
  • Your climate – humid environments can cause premature deterioration
  • Where the hammock is stored or if it is kept exposed to elements like rain and sunlight
  • How the hammock is used – jumping, and bounding can cause premature wear

A simple way to care for your cotton hammock and extend its life is to shield it with a protective cover and store it in a dry location when not in use. Each My Hammocks product comes with detailed care instructions that are designed to maximise its lifespan.


Can I Take My Cotton Hammock Camping?

Cotton hammocks are light and easy to pack away, and they will make a great addition to any campsite. The hammocks can be easily transported in the back of your car or in your backpack to your campsite and assembled and disassembled in minutes. Hammocks are a great way of relaxing after a day of hiking or outdoor activities, and nothing compares to staring up at the stars in the great outdoors lying in a hammock.

All cotton hammocks come rated for outdoor use and, if taken care of properly, will be a trusty companion on all of your outdoor adventures.


How Long Will My Hammock Take to Arrive?

When your beautiful cotton hammock will reach you is dependent on stock availability and your delivery address. Following the placement of your order, it will be processed promptly by a member of our team, and dispatched via one of our delivery partners. You will then receive a tracking number and details of the delivery provider to follow the hammock all the way until it reaches you. If you need your cotton hammock before a getaway, please get in contact with us before ordering so we can confirm whether we can meet that deadline.


How Much Will I Have to Pay for Postage? 

Great news – for most of our My Hammocks customers, shipping is included in the total price to all metropolitan locations around Australia. We have contracts with the most reliable courier companies to ensure the safe delivery of your cotton hammock. 

Not all locations are eligible for free shipping due to the nature of the goods. The select postcodes outside of our free delivery range can be found here.


Are Your Hammocks High Quality?  

Every My Hammocks product comes with a guarantee of quality. Our cotton hammocks are long-lasting and designed to keep their users comfortable over countless uses. We avoid manufacturers that produce cheap, low-quality hammocks that will not stand up to everyday use. All our cotton hammocks are focused on sustainability and will reward conscientious treatment and upkeep.

All of these concerns do contribute to a cotton hammock that might not be the cheapest on the market. However, when you account for the fact that each My Hammocks product can be used over many years, the investment is worth it. High quality and good value define the My Hammocks range.


Can You Deliver My Hammock Internationally?  

At this stage, we do not offer international delivery. Due to the nature of the hammocks and our relations with delivery partners, we are only able to provide delivery within Australia. Overseas orders may be requested for delivery to an Australian address, which we are happy to accommodate to. Stay tuned to on our social media pages for any updates regarding a change in policy for shipping destinations.


Will My Cotton Hammock Come with A Warranty? 

Each My Hammocks product comes with a guarantee from its manufacturer. For more information on the products, see their individual product pages. If you can't find what you are looking for, get in touch with a member of our team who will be able to clarify any applicable warranties on the hammock.