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Super Nylon Queen Cream

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Imagine gently swaying by the pool in this spacious queen sized hammock. Made with nylon, the Cream Super Nylon Queen Size Hammock (for Indoor & Outdoor use) can handle Australia's toughest weather conditions. In this large hammock there is plenty of room for one adult and a child.


- Super nylon hammocks are the most durable of all our hammocks. Perfect for Australia's harsh outdoor weather, the hammock can be left uncovered and unprotected poolside, between two trees, in the garden, and beach-side.
- Fully weather-resistant against mildew and rot, this outdoor hammock is made to last a lifetime outdoors. 
- UV-resistant, this hammock is hand-woven with the strongest nylon string, and unlikely to fade.
- Available in cream colour (as per image).

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Package Content:

1 x Hammock