Why we have the best Mexican hammocks in Australia

The secret reasons why Mexican hammocks are superior

‘Mexican hammock’ – the words themselves conjure visions of long, restful afternoons swaying in the sunshine, sipping on an icy drink. They are the symbol of summer and easy living. But have you ever stopped to consider what exactly makes a hammock a ‘Mexican hammock’, and why are they so popular?

Mexican hammocks are made in Mexico (obviously!), but what separates them from other hammocks is the way in which they are designed and made. Mexican hammocks are created by using a traditional hand-woven technique that has been passed down through family generations for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. This hand-woven technique is referred to as a ‘triple weave’ and it creates stronger, more robust hammocks that last longer than the rest. It is this ultra-fine and tight weave that also creates comfort.

In addition to the triple weave, Mexican hammocks are also designed to be diamond shaped - a unique style that we all know and love. The purpose of this diamond shape is to evenly distribute your weight across the hammock to give the sensation that you are floating mid-air. These Mexican hammocks gently wrap around your body, giving you a soft hang as you lay and watch the clouds pass. It makes them suitable for relaxing, sleeping, or even catching up with friends – whatever you desire!

The triple weave together with the diamond shaped design produces a higher quality, stronger hammock that is extremely comfortable. All of our Mexican hammocks are made by local artisans using the triple weave and diamond shape design. With superior support, strength, and comfort, our Mexican hammocks are available in both traditional and ‘swing chairs’.

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