Why our outdoor hammocks are designed for Australian summers

Australian summers are made for being outdoors: splashing in the pool, playing a game of cricket, having a beer around the barbeque while entertaining friends and family in your backyard.

Adding a hammock to your outdoor entertaining area is great way to make your guests feel welcomed and relaxed. Let them sway in the hammock as they share a joke with you or gossip about the latest news.

Unfortunately, not all outdoor hammocks available on the market are made equally. There are cheap hammocks claiming to be outdoor hammocks, yet do not have the key qualities making them suitable for the Australian outdoors.

Our outdoor hammocks are superior in quality and made specifically for Australian summers, which can be exceptionally hot and harsh on outdoor furniture. However, the materials and workmanship used on our hammocks is what makes them more durable than other hammocks available on the market. Our outdoor hammocks are designed to last a lifetime; you can leave them uncovered poolside, between two trees, in the garden or even under the patio.

Firstly, what separates our hammocks from cheap imitations is the material. Our outdoor hammocks are made from nylon, making them easy to wash and quick drying. You can even leave our outdoor hammocks in the sun all summer as they are UV resistant and unlikely to fade. The nylon hammocks are also rot and mould/mildew resistant, making our outdoor hammocks perfect for poolside use. The kids can splash about in the pool and return dripping wet to the hammock and you don’t have to worry about water damage.

Secondly, the way in which our hammocks are crafted is superior, making them suitable for outdoor use. The hammocks are handwoven by artisans that specialise in making strong, durable hammocks. The weave technique that our artisans use ensures our hammocks are comfortable but robust enough to handle heavy outdoor use.

So what are you waiting for? Shop our huge range of outdoor hammocks today!