Why a hammock is a hot item this winter

Winter has arrived. Try as we might, there is no escaping winter. The days become shorter and the hot, summer sun feels like a lifetime ago. With the arrival of winter, there is really no reason why we can’t spend as much time outdoors as we do during our more preferable seasons. The key is preparation, but the payoff is the creation of new memories that will last a lifetime.

The idea of a ‘winter hammock’ may seem like an oxymoron, but a winter hammock has the ability to transform your outdoor space into an entertaining area during the cool nights. A small fire pit, a bottle of red wine, roasted marshmallows, and big thick blankets on an extra-large hammock has all the hallmarks for a great night.  

Large, oversized hammocks, like our Gardeon Swing Bed Hammock is the perfect size for a winter hammock. Made from a cotton blend, the thick material will cocoon you, keeping the night chill off. Simply add some soft cushions, extra-large woollen blankets and you will be as snug as a bug in your outdoor winter hammock. With a maximum capacity of 150kgs, it’s possible to cuddle up with a loved one while you watch the stars in the clear sky above.

Our Gardeon Swing Bed Hammock is trimmed with handmade tassels for a boho aesthetic and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use – whether you want to sway next to a crackling fire pit, or sway indoors while listening to the rain dance across the roof.

So, with winter here to stay for at least a few more months, prepare the mulled wine and marshmallows, and enjoy a new way to experience winter with a Gardeon Swing Bed Hammock.