The World’s Largest Hammock

Relaxing on a hammock is amazing, especially if you are snuggling up with a loved one. But have you ever considered cuddling up with 169 other people in the one hammock? It sounds incredible, but the world’s largest hammock can fit exactly 170 people!

The jumbo-sized hammock was temporarily set up in New Jersey (New York) in the United States in September 2015.

This Guinness World Record hammock was created by King Digital Entertainment in the United Kingdom. The hammock bed measures a whopping 196.31 m² (2,113.05 ft²) and is 20.84 m (68 ft 4 in) long and 9.42 m (30 ft 10 in) wide. Can you imagine, all that space, all that room to stretch out if you were to have the hammock to yourself?

The world’s largest hammock was installed to celebrate the launch of a video game app called ‘Paradise Bay’.  The creators of Paradise Bay chose a hammock to represent their video game’s key values which were tranquilly and relaxation. They recognised that a hammock was the ultimate symbol for both of these values.

While the world’s largest hammock might be too much for your backyard, we do have a huge array of oversized hammocks that can fit two or even three people within them. The Resort Style King Size Mexicana hammock has all the features of a regular hammock, with extra space. Holding up to 160 kilograms, the hammock is elegant, comfortable, durable and suitable for outdoor use. The King Family Size Hammock is adorned with a long hand-knotted fringe, made by highly skilled artists of Mexico.

I think we can agree, we don’t need to share a hammock with 169 other people, just one or two loved ones is enough.