The hammock trend taking over 2021

It’s no secret that luxury and comfort have been on an upward trend in 2021. With more of us spending additional time at home this year due to COVID restrictions, we have been accessorising our homes with the latest luxury interior and exterior design trends.

One of the fastest-growing design trends for 2021 has been the introduction of the swing chair hammock for both indoor and outdoor use. The swing chair hammock’s versatility is the key feature that has cemented it as a 2021 ‘must-have’ accessory. Even celebrities such as Miranda Kerr has been spotted enjoying the swing chair hammock in their home - and we’re not surprised, with its holiday vibe and indulgent allure, it’s hard not to imagine sinking into this hammock after a long day at work.

Swing chair hammocks are the ultimate accessory:  not only for their beautiful, Instagrammable aesthetic which will enhance any space, but also due to their ergonomic design, making them possibly the world’s most comfortable chair. Who wouldn’t want to experience the feeling of sitting on a cloud?

Our cotton swing chair hammocks at My Hammocks are made with strong, high-quality cotton and are in fact, large enough to relax either vertically or horizontally. The extra soft swing chair will easily lull you into complete relaxation, either in your lounge, while you’re curled up with a book or on your outdoor patio, while you soak in the afternoon sun.

With smooth timber trims expertly contrasting against the cream materials, our hammocks evoke a feeling of holidaying at a five-star resort. The swing chair hammock is easy to set up and take down, allowing you to experience comfort, luxury and relaxation anywhere in your home. With free shipping in Australia, isn’t it time you added the best trend to your home?