Keezi Kid’s nest swing hammock chair

A happy kid equals a happy life, right? All children love the feeling of floating; it’s why swings are such a hit at the playground. So why not be that awesome parent that installs a kid’s swing chair into their home? Your children will love it, their friends will love it, and let’s face it – you’ll love it too!

Adding a swing chair hammock to your home instantly creates a space where your child can go when they need to slow down, rest and relax. Maybe it’s that time straight after school, or for just 20 minutes before they go to bed.

Our Keezi Kid’s Nest Swing Hammock Chair is specifically designed for children to enjoy the novelty. Unlike traditional hammocks, the swing chair has been designed to be completely flat and circular. Great for two kids (or even one adult when the kids have gone to bed!), our The Keezi Kid’s New Swing Hammock Chair is a wonderful place to read, watch movies on the iPad, or simply have some good-ole swinging fun!

You’ll love the aesthetically beautiful design, which oozes equal portions of elegance and coastal vibes. Crafted with lovely tassels and meticulous knotting the hammock’s gorgeous design means you can install it either indoors or outdoors and know that it will enhance your own décor (no unsightly bright blues or pinks!). With easy installation, you can move it from the lounge room to your child’s bedroom within minutes.

The Keezi Kid’s Nest Swing Hammock Chair is strong, sturdy and safe for use by everyone. The swing chair‘s double rings and durable hanging ropes allows the swing to carry up to 120 kilograms in capacity – perfect for two children, or one adult.

So isn’t it time to treat your little one to something special? Watching your child’s eyes light up when they come home from school and see the swing hammock installed in their bedroom is simply priceless.

Safety advice: Never leave your child alone playing in a hammock.