Holiday at home: why hammocks are changing the way we spend our free time

One thing is for sure; COVID-19 has put a huge dent in our holiday habits in Australia. Since the arrival of COVID-19 to our shores, we have changed the way we spend our free time. Due to all the restrictions, we are spending more time at home, opting to have stay-cations. No longer are we trying to fill our diary with social events, zoom chats or BBQ catch-ups with friends, instead, we are opting to spend more time on ourselves, enjoying our own time, relaxing, improving ourselves, meditating, and reading books.

So, if we are going to spend more time at home, why not go outside? There’s no better way to enjoy those pretty flowering plants and shrubs you planted in your garden last weekend than with an outdoor hammock or hammock chair.

We all know that a hammock is a worldwide symbol for relaxation – so simply having an outdoor hammock in your backyard will be a visual reminder for you to slow down and enjoy the quiet moments in life.

We have a huge range of outdoor hammocks to suit your lifestyle. Designed for our unique Australian weather, our outdoor Australian hammocks will be ideal for your veranda.

Imagine laying in a hammock after a long day of work whilst sipping on a glass of crisp white wine. Or swaying in a hammock while watching the storm clouds roll in, with thunder rumbling in the background.

Our outdoor hammock range is made from nylon, designed to withstand our extreme Australian summers. They are built to last a lifetime outdoors as they are weather-resistant against mildew and rot. Better yet, you can leave them outdoors all year round as they are UV-resistant and unlikely to fade.

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