How to Hang Hammock Chair - Simple Steps

Have you bought a hammock chair and are searching for better ways to hang it?

Here, we will provide you with the appropriate methods for how to hang hammock chairs efficiently. But before getting into it, we'd like to tell you that only this chair will benefit you if you install it perfectly. Yes, so make sure about proper installation.

Upon deep analysis, it has been observed that your muscles will be relaxed when you lie down on these chairs and avoid pressure points. Thus, it allows blood to flow more effectively throughout the body.

Let's ensure the proper ways to install a hammock chair to get the above-described benefits.

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How To Hang Hammock Chairs?

Well, it's not an easy task to perform. Whatever the method you will adapt in this regard, you should have the proper knowledge of that particular method. 

Below, we've described the three best methods to which you can adapt. Interestingly, they require no such tools and complex procedures to be followed. 


Method #1

  • Hang With Tree

One of the most appreciated methods to install a hammock chair is to hang it with the tree so that you can enjoy the relaxing moments under the tree shadow. For this, you should have a strong rope of length between 8 - 17 feet. 

Now, follow the easy to adopt simple methods one by one:

Step 1: Find a tree and loop around the rope twice, creating two handing points equally distributing the weight.

Step 2: Choose a tree that is at least 4 - 6 inches thick and above the ground.

Step 3: What should be the next?

  • Thread the rope to create a hanging mechanism through the ends of the chair loop. 
  • Tight the loop, done with the knots below the branch
  • The knots should be of "S" shape.

Step 4: Make sure about the hanging balance; if you find anything wrong, you should repeat the process of looping. 

This is how to hang a hammock chair with a tree by following the above simple steps.

Pro Tip: Oka, Ash, and Beech trees may be a good choice due to their stronger and thicker nature compared to the others.

But what if you don't find any tree nearer or inside your home?

You would look for the ways to which you can hang the chair without a tree. 

Here's how.


Method #2

  • Hang With Stand

This is the situation where the freestanding hammock chairs stand comes up.

For those who don't know, these chair stands are of C-style shape and come in various designs and collections. Though you may find much more styling and modern features in these stands, the primary aim is to provide you with the "subject" facility to which you can hang your chair.

These stands are flexible plastics, stainless steel, or sometimes wooden material. But most probably, the steel material ones are preferred over others. The reason behind this is, they are longer lasting.

Steps to be followed during installation:

Step 1: You will get a lag screw eye bolt, 2/0 chain, wide jaw quick link, machine screw eye bolt, "S" shaped hook. These are the accessories of a hanging hook; sometimes, you will get a swivel hook.

Step 2: Based on the hook size, you will find the drill holes, and you fit the screws there

Step 3: Use the carabiner to tightly fit the eye of the hammock chair onto the hook

Step 4: Enjoy laying on your hammock chair, or repeat the process if you find anything wrong.

Pay attention - A swivel hook is better than a hanging hook, so make sure to have the best one.

These stands would be an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor. So, if you don't have a tree or a subject to hang your hammock chair, this would be a great choice.

How's that? Isn't it a fantastic choice?

Method #3

  • Hang With Porch Ceiling

Though, the method; hanging a hammock chair to a tree or with a stand is famous, no doubt. But the technique to turn a chair with a porch ceiling is the most adapted one. This is because most people purchasing hammock chairs live in houses that exhibit porch. 

The process is simple; let's have a look.

It would be best if you had some tools to hang your hammock chair with the porch ceiling. These include a stud finder, pencil, 3/8" x 4" eye screw bolt, drill and drill bit, and "S" shape swivel. Instead of a spring or a swivel, you can also get hanging kits or ropes. Simply, you can attach these with the hook by following the same procedure.

So, you have the complete tools and accessories now. What should you do next?

Steps to be followed during installation:

  • First, you need to choose a suitable place where the chair won't be bumping anything nearby.
  • Use a stud finder, and locate the ceiling joist. As you have to create two hanging points, make sure the second joist is 18 or 26 inches.
  • Now, mark both studs and use a drill to hole.
  • Drill a pilot hole for the eye bolt screw at the center of the joists. Here, the drill bit should be smaller than the eye bolt screw, and the spot should be 3 inches deep for better fixation.
  • Hang the chair, use a screwdriver, place the eye bolt screw
  • Lastly, use the eye bolt ring to link the hook and attach it to the swivel.
  • Congratulations, you've finished with the porch ceiling hanging of the hammock chair.

Now, we'd like to hear from you!


Above, we've shared the top three ways; how to hang hammock chairs more comfortable with you. Now, we'd like to hear from you which method you found more practical and are going to adapt to turn your hammock chair.

Let us quickly know your interesting opinions inside the comment box below!