How to create the best hammock space in your backyard

Choosing the best location in your backyard for your hammock doesn’t require a rocket scientist, but it does require some planning and consideration to maximise your future relaxation zone. Your ‘hammock zone’ will be a place of tranquillity, a place to go at the end of the long day to unwind, or perhaps a place to meditate, or just soak up the sun on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

When choosing your hammock zone the first step is to consider the location. Will you prefer the hammock to be indoors, or outdoors? If it is to be located outdoors, is the hammock zone located far enough away from the fence line so you don’t hear your noisy neighbours? This could quite possibly be the most important decision you make!

Another location consideration is to examine whether the zone is exposed to the elements – does it receive full sun in summer or rain during winter? If so, you will need a more robust and durable hammock, like the Super Nylon Hammock. The nylon hammocks are purposely designed to last a lifetime outdoors in all Australian weather conditions.  

Perhaps you will be using your hammock when you are being more social when you have friends over for a barbeque? If that is the case, consider locating the hammock close to your other outdoor furniture. Ideally, you would want your guests to be comfortable lying in the hammock whilst still being able to easily participate in group conversations.

To really enhance the enjoyment of your hammock zone, consider adding some small soft cushions into your hammock, for that luxurious feeling. A throw blanket is also a great touch to make the space more inviting when you want to relax in your hammock zone and read a good book.

Lastly, we also recommend adding a small coffee table next to your hammock. It will be a place where you can place your Saturday morning coffee or a cold beer on a Sunday afternoon.