How to choose the perfect indoor hammock

With the rise of home renovating TV shows such as The Block and House Rules, never before have our home interiors been under such scrutiny. And we all want one thing: luxury style with comfort.

One affordable way to add both of these features into your home is the addition of an ultra-luxurious indoor hammock.

We all know that hammocks are a symbol of relaxation and comfort, so the ability to incorporate an indoor hammock into your living space will evoke tranquillity and individual style. In addition, what’s great about an indoor hammock is that when it is not in use, simply take it down to free up floor space.

However, choosing the right indoor hammock can ‘make or break’ the interior aesthetics of your living space, so it is crucial that you consider the below three features.

Firstly, you need to determine the size of the space in which you will install the indoor hammock. If you have a large area, consider a plush horizontal hammock, or, if you are lacking space, a soft swing chair may be more suitable.

Secondly, consideration will need to be given to who will be using the hammock. Will it be the kids after school, or yourself after a long day at the office? We have a range of children, single or multi-persons hammocks that are not only beautiful, but also suitably comfortable. 

Lastly, consider the material of the indoor hammock. Do you prefer soft materials like cotton, or robust materials like nylon that are easy to clean?

With a huge range of indoor hammocks and free shipping within Australia, we know that you’ll find the ultimate indoor hammock to suit your needs.