How to care for your hammock stand

So, you have just purchased a gorgeous hammock on a stand and you want to keep the stand looking fabulous all year round? Great! There are just a few simple care instructions you need to observe to extend the longevity of your new beloved hammock stand.

Firstly, you will need to keep the hammock stand clean to prevent deterioration of the stand material (such as wood) during use and storage. Simply clean off dirt, drink or food spillages as they happen with warm soapy water and allow the hammock stand air dry.

Secondly, avoid weather damage by ensuring your hammock stand isn’t in direct sunlight or exposed to rain for extended periods. Exposing your hammock to the weather elements for weeks or months at a time may break down the material of the stand. This is particularly important for stands that are constructed with natural materials, such as wood. In addition, if your steel-coated frame has been scratched or damaged, exposing it to rain, dew or snow may cause it to rust in the areas that have been damaged.

Thirdly, pack away your hammock stand when not in use to increase the stand’s lifespan. Storing your hammock in a shed with a cover (such as an old sheet) will protect it from dust, weather, dew and even pests.

Speaking of pests, wooden hammock stands can be particularly appealing to Australian wildlife. The wooden fibres can be gnawed upon by mice, rats, possums, birds and even squirrels. Therefore, we always encourage you to store your wooden hammock stand indoors overnight or in a shed when not in use.