How to Care For Your Hammock in Outdoor Environments

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of weightlessness, rocking gently in the breeze in a hammock under a shady tree. The hammock itself is the symbol of relaxation; it’s the best accessory to take us from overwhelm to daydream/slumber within minutes.

But like all well-loved things, you may notice that your hammock needs a little extra care to keep it looking and feeling fresh!

To keep your hammock in top condition all year round, we recommend spraying a protective coat over the hammock before your first use. These protective sprays are sold in outdoor gardening stores and are essential to prevent the growth of mould or mildew. Furthermore, they help keep the hammock free from stains.  

While we advocate using your hammock on a daily basis, if you choose to take a little break from it we recommend packing your hammock down, and storing it inside a protective and breathable storage bag. Of course, please ensure that your hammock is completely dry to prevent the likelihood of mildew, mould, and rot. When you want to bring that holiday feeling back into your life and start relaxing in your hammock once again, it’s best to give it a light wash with warm water and vinegar to remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated over time.  

If, however, you find your hammock to have evidence of mould or mildew when taking it out of storage, it is highly advisable to wash it before use with the washing instructions provided above. 

Above all, if you are looking at purchasing an outdoor hammock in the future, we recommend our nylon hammocks. They are the most durable of all – an excellent choice for outdoor use, these hammocks can survive the harsh Australian summer. In addition, they’re fully weather-resistant against mildew and rot.