Hanging Chair vs Egg Chair: Which one to buy?

Do you want to enjoy the feeling of levitation on clouds? If yes, you're at the right place. Having a hanging chair gives you the feel of a memorable childhood because it seems to swing in the air like a swing. The peculiarity of this chair is that it is a perfect fit for kids and adults. 

It has been observed that such chairs have gained immense popularity in the recent two years due to their convenience and aesthetic using sensation. People often confuse hanging chairs with egg chairs because both are easy to place anywhere due to their incredibly compact size. 

If you are looking for a comfortable hanging chair to enjoy the cool breeze in your backyard, picking up the right chair is of great importance. No worries, if you are confused about selecting a hanging chair or an egg chair, we will go into the in-depth review of the two. This comprehensive hanging vs. egg chairs guide will help you choose which chair is good for you. 

Table of Contents

  • Hanging chair & Egg chair - Which one should you buy?
  • Which is a good hanging chair?
  • Features of GARDEON Hammock Swing Chair
  • Benefits of GARDEON Hammock Swing Chair
  • FAQs on Hanging Chair
  • Final Words

Hanging chair & Egg chair - Which one should you buy? 

People often think that hanging chair and egg chair are the two names of the same chair. But this is a misconception. A hanging pod chair is only the chair without any stand. It comes with a timber rail to hang the chair to the ceiling. On the other hand, the egg chair has a framework of hanging that occupies more space than that of a hammock swing chair. 

After knowing the difference between the two, you might think which one is best for you. No doubt everyone has different suggestions, but we recommend using the hanging chair. It's because we have personally used it for months to enjoy both recreational and health advantages. 

The following are some reasons why you should prefer hanging pod chairs over egg chairs. 

  • Convenience

A hammock swing chair is more convenient than a wooden or iron egg chair. It's because of the effectiveness of the former one in meditating the body and mind.

  • Portability

You can't take an egg chair with you on a picnic, hiking, or hunting vacation. However, you can do so with the hanging chair because of its easy portability. All you need is to pack up hanging chairs and enjoy your camping trip relaxed and seated on chairs rather than the floor.

  • Compact

Another feature that makes the hanging chair superior to the egg chair is its compactness. It is easy to store and place the swing hammock chair in a small place. At the same time, the egg chair cannot be stored in a small compact place.

  • Lightweight

Unlike egg chairs, hammock swing chairs are lightweight. The absence of a heavy iron stand makes the hanging pod chair lightweight and rust-resistant. 

Which is a good hanging chair?

There are various amazing hanging swing chairs available. However, GARDEON hammock swing chair is most suitable for you because of its durability, strength, and maximum weight capacity. 

This hammock swing chair is 65% cotton and 35% polyester with a strong timber rail and comfy pillow. This chair can uphold the weight of 120 kg easily. Make your lazy weekends interesting and meditate by sitting in this hammock swing chair by Gardeon

Features of GARDEON Hammock Swing Chair

Here are some of the outstanding features of the GARDEON Hammock Swing Chair. Make sure to have these features in your hanging pod chair, whatever you buy. These features are:

  • High-quality Fabric

GARDEON hammock swing chair comprises a high-quality fabric of cotton and polyester that can be washed and dried easily. It will not get fade even hanging outdoor because of its weather-resistant strong fabric. 

  • Weight Holding Capacity

Feel free to put a load of 120 kg on this amazing hanging chair. Its high weight-bearing capacity makes it a perfect mediating place for obese persons as well.

  • Inquisitive Design

The design of the hanging pod chair is inquisitive. It has fabric, timber rails, and screw hooks that are drilled on the ceiling to hang the chair. Placing two matching cushions on the chair adds beauty and class to your backyard furniture. 

Benefits of Using GARDEON Hammock Swing Chair

Unlike other swinging chairs, GARDEON swing chair is joy only a great source of chilling with family, friends, and alone but also of meditation and sound sleep. Here are some of the benefits you can avail of by using a hanging chair. 

You may wonder that a hanging pod chair is just for hanging out or chilling with your family or even solo. But, according to research, it can also benefit your health and below are the few of those.  

  • Relieves Neck and Back Pain

Hanging hammock swings provide you relief from severe back sprains and aches. If you are exhausted and tired, lying in the upright position in a swing chair will work to lower your stress. It aligns the position of the spine accurately and gives you complete comfort. 

It will not be wrong to say that a hammock swing chair provides similar comfort to a mattress. Moreover, its pain-relieving specialty makes it better than an egg chair. It's because the egg chair comes with pressure points that bring no relief from physical exhaustion. 

While hanging, the swing chair comes without pressure points to keep your vertebrae aligned that reduces back pains. Say goodbye to all your physical stress by using GARDEON Hammock Swing Chair. 

  • Increase Concentration

Using hanging pod chairs also increases concentration and focus on doing something great. Due to their therapeutic effects, physicians and therapists recommend hanging chairs to patients. When this chair moves, it stimulates the cerebral cortex to help you concentrate more to a point. 

In other words, working, studying, or reading can be more beneficial by taking regular meditation or sitting in a hammock swing chair. If you're facing a lack of concentration and an absent-minded situation, you should use a hanging chair. 

You might be thinking, why not egg chairs. It's because the motion of the egg chair is restricted to unidirectional. Enjoying the bidirectional motion of a hanging chair will increase your focus and reduce your various illnesses. 

  • Provides Sound Sleep

Another advantage that you can enjoy using a hammock swing chair is sound sleep. Whenever you sit in this chair, you will feel like all your stress will vanish. This relaxing and comfy feeling helps you sleep earlier. It depicts your sleeplessness habits can also be treated with the regular use of hammock chairs. 

No worries if you can't use this chair for sleeping at night; taking a nap in the afternoon will also bring miraculous results to you. Moreover, you will not feel pain in your body after taking a nap in this chair. The soothing effect it provides to the back is very effective for sound sleep. Make your nap charismatic by sitting in this amazing swing chair.


1- How to install a hanging hammock correctly?

To install a hanging chair properly, you need to follow all the instructions written on the packaging. Firstly, you need to assemble all the materials to make a perfect swinging chair. Then, choose the spot to hang the swinging chair so that the bottom of the chair is 6 feet away from the hanging point. At last, drill holes into the ceiling to install eye screws in the hook-sized holes. Integrate the hanging chair into the screw holes with s-hooks to enjoy the swings of a fascinating hanging chair. 

2- Where can you install a hanging hammock? 

It's good to install a hanging chair on a ceiling or support made up of concrete. However, you can install it on the strong trunk of a large tree to take a rest during your hiking, hunting, or picnic trip. 

3- Does a hanging hammock chair cause harm to the ceiling? 

No, a hanging chair doesn't cause any harm to the ceiling when it's properly installed by following the installation instructions. That's why it's very important to install hanging chairs accurately to protect your ceiling from destruction.

4- How much weight can a swinging chair handle? 

The pressure or weight a swinging chair can handle varies depending upon the chair type, size, and model. However, the average weight a hanging chair can bear is 250 to 500 pounds. Make sure to read the weight holding capacity of the hammock swing chair before buying it.

5- Is it easy to clean a hanging hammock chair? 

Yes, it's easy to clean a hammock swing chair. All you need is a light soap detergent with warm water to remove all stains, dust, and debris from the chair fabric. It's necessary to read the washing instructions of the chair to avoid any fabric or material damage. 

Final Words!

In short, hanging hammock chairs bring a great relaxing and recreational environment to your home with effortless chic. No worries whether you want to update your indoor or outdoor area, the GARDEON hammock swing chair is perfect for you. Spend a blissful time on weekend by lying in it.