Hammocks: The New Accessory for Stay-At-Home Holidays

Let’s face it – 2020 has been a tough year for most due to the global pandemic. No doubt it has put a giant dent in any travel plans that you may have had planned. Now, the idea of a relaxing, tropical holiday sadly seems like a long way off. But just because you aren’t able to jet set to a beautiful island doesn’t mean that you can’t have that holiday feeling at home.

Everyone loves to holiday. It’s a time where we can purposely slow down, turn off our phones, and simply enjoy the outdoors. It is a time in our year where we can recharge and refuel. It’s necessary for our minds, our bodies, and our souls. Simply taking the time out to rest makes us a better mother, father, friend, sibling, or even colleague – it helps us return to our daily lives feeling fresh and invigorated.

But how do we get that holiday feeling now that non-essential plane travel has been cancelled? It’s simple and easy. Our outdoor hammocks are made for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Our outdoor hammocks are made using the best durable materials that can lull you tranquilly, as well as handle the harsh Australian summers.

Make yourself a Pina Colada, grab your favourite book, and slide into one of our most comfortable hammocks for the afternoon. Listen to the birds chirp in the distance, and feel the sun on your skin as you gently sway in the breeze. At the end of the day, you’ll leave your outdoor hammock feeling less stressed, like you have had a little slice of a holiday – all without leaving your backyard.

But here’s our ultimate tip! If you really want to indulge yourself and share that holiday feeling with loved ones, we recommend the ‘super nylon jumbo cream’ hammock. Designed to be spacious, it is perfect for two people to cuddle in without feeling cramped. Completely weather-resistant against mildew and rot, it will last a lifetime outdoors as it is made with durable nylon.

So, just because we can’t travel to exotic locations, doesn’t mean that we can’t experience the holiday feeling at home. Shop our full range of outdoor Australian hammocks here.