Four mistakes to avoid when shopping for a hammock in Australia

Shopping for a hammock is a simple process; however, there are a number of hammock features that you should consider prior to making your purchase. Here we list the top four mistakes to avoid when shopping for a hammock in Australia:

1.)    Not considering our unique Australian weather

It’s no secret that Australia has the hottest, driest weather in the world. It’s this harsh weather that can cause havoc on outdoor furniture. Our nylon hammocks are robust and durable, designed to last a lifetime outdoors in the Australian sunshine, without deteriorating. Better yet, they are also perfect for poolside positions as they are water and mould resistant.

2.)    Too much focus on aesthetics, rather than function

Hammocks are incredibly versatile as they can be used for a range of recreational activities, whether it is for camping, indoor or outdoor relaxation. When choosing your hammock consider how it is most likely to be used. Do you require the hammock to be lightweight for hiking and camping purposes? Or perhaps you require a hammock that provides another seating option in your home, like a swing chair, rather than a traditional lay-down hammock?

3.)    Not considering the user

When choosing a hammock, consider who will be realistically using the hammock? Is it likely to be just yourself, or is your partner or children likely to want to join you for some one-on-one cuddle time? The length, size and weight capacity of each hammock should also be considered. We always suggest purchasing a larger-than-necessary hammock, like a Queen Sized Colorina Hammock to give yourself more options should you wish to share your hammock one day in the future!

4.)    Assuming a fixed location for the hammock

New users of hammocks often believe that they will install their hammock in a fixed location in their backyard, never to relocate it again. One thing we know is that will fall in love with that floating feeling, so much so that you’ll want to enjoy it all year round. While the space between the two trees in the backyard may be suitable now, but what about in winter when the weather cools down? Perhaps in these circumstances, you’ll prefer a hammock stand so you can use the hammock under a patio in the cool weather, and then relocate it to under the trees during summer.