Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Hammocks

When you are choosing your ideal hammock, whether it is for the backyard, verandah, courtyard, or even indoors, you will need to make a few decisions.  Of course, there is the obvious, like where to buy a good hammock in Australia, but beyond that you will need to decide on the purpose of the hammock, followed by the shape, style, colour, and texture of your hammock. 

There are cotton hammocks, kids hammocks, ‘Gardeon’ hammocks, Mexican hammocks, resort-style hammocks, super nylon hammocks, and let’s not forget swing style hammocks! It’s quite a lot to consider! That being said, every hammock is different and can serve a different purpose depending upon its desired use.

Let’s consider whether the hammock will be used for seating or for lying down and relaxing horizontally. Our hammock seats with stands are the easiest hammock to include in your outdoor setting. No install and no trees are required, and the hammock seat can be moved to various locations quickly and efficiently.

If you prefer the traditional hammock (used predominately for laying down), you next need to consider if the hammock will be used for one or two people at a time. Single person hammocks are best suited to those wanting a little ‘me time’. Don’t be fooled by the name ‘single hammock’ – there is plenty of space for one person to stretch out and fall into deep relaxation.

If you would prefer a hammock in which you can cuddle up with a loved one while having a little siesta in the shade, then a double hammock would be more suitable. Designed with additional strength, it allows for two to feel close, but still with plenty of space to remain comfortable.

Kids’ hammocks are always a fun novelty for children. Used as a secret weapon by parents, they are renowned for lulling children into an afternoon nap. These hammocks are ideal for both children’s activities rooms and outdoor settings.

Once you have decided upon the style of hammock you want, your next decision is to choose which material you would like the hammock to be made from. Our hammocks are made from a variety of high grade materials. Cotton is a popular choice for our hammocks, as its softness makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud. We also have hammocks that are made from a comfortable polyester cotton blend. If you are looking for the most durable material, however, our nylon hammocks are an excellent choice for outdoor use, able to survive the harsh Australian summer. In addition, they’re fully weather-resistant against mildew and rot. 

Whether you want a hammock seat with stand or a free standing hammock, with room for either one or two people, we’ll find you the right hammock.