Do This If You Only Have 15 Minutes To Relax

It’s no surprise with today’s modern lifestyles we are feeling overwhelmed; endless errands to run, chores to be done and social engagements to attend. At times, it can even feel like we don’t have time to relax! Sometimes we just don’t have the luxury of spending one hour in a bath, having a massage or even going for a long walk. However, most times we can carve out 15 minutes of our day to relax.

To help you incorporate relaxation in your everyday life, we have rounded up the best ways to relax if you only have 15 minutes:

  • Boil a kettle and sip on some warm chamomile tea in a quiet room
  • Read another chapter of that book you have been meaning to finish
  • Meditate in a quiet place (don’t forget to turn off your phone)
  • Listen to your favourite podcast
  • Lay outside in the sunshine and peacefully sway in an outdoor hammock
  • Do some basic yoga stretches to move your body
  • Smell some flowers or light an oil diffuser in your home
  • Journal your thoughts and feelings in a diary
  • Get crafty and draw (or paint) something colourful without putting pressure on yourself to create a masterpiece
  • Watch some funny YouTube videos and laugh at loud
  • Crank your favourite song and dance like no one is watching!
  • Take a hot shower and use your favourite shower gels
  • Play with your pet – your cat, dog, or even ferret!
  • Take some deep breaths and just sit quietly without focusing on anything other than your breath
  • Call a friend that you know will lift your spirits
  • Spend some time outdoors, feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair
  • Last, but not least - eat chocolate!