Best date idea using a hammock

Best date idea using a hammock

Have you run out of date night ideas to try out with your partner? Do you need a date idea that’s not only easy and fun but also affordable?  Then you will love our ‘classic hammock date night’ idea!

The classic hammock date night is about creating a romantic atmosphere at home that is easy to set up, but delivers maximum romance!

To help you create a romantic date night with your loved one, simply follow the five steps below:

1.)    Set up your hammock for two outdoors

We suggest either the Resort Queen-Sized in Mexicana or the King Sized Outdoor Cotton Hammock in Cream. Both of these hammocks are suitable for two people as they can carry up to 120 kilograms and 250 kilograms for the latter.

These hammocks are also designed in a style that creates a cocoon around the users – perfect for cuddling! If you prefer a little more space when you are sharing the hammock with your partner, you can try the Super Nylon Jumbo Hammock which is our largest hammock available.

2.)    Create ambient lighting

Light a trail of tea-light candles from the backdoor to your hammock. Don’t forget to add a few larger candles around the hammock for extra mood lighting.

3.)    Add a little luxury to your space

Place some small soft cushions inside the hammock for luxe comfort. If the weather is cool, add a thick knitted blanket for extra warmth (although it’s not really necessary because you can always cuddle in your hammock for warmth!).

If possible, add a small bonfire to your outdoor space to enhance the romance in the air with the sound of a crackling fire.

4.)    Prepare some sweets, for your sweetie

Set aside a bowl of marshmallows, some red wine, and even a block of your favourite chocolate.

5.)    Turn those pesky mobile phones off

Remove all distractions from this special moment by turning off your phones and smartwatches.

All that is left to do now is to slide into the hammock for some special one-on-one time. For those of you down in Melbourne looking for the perfect date idea, why not shop the hammocks Melbourne couples enjoy every time they want to spend quality time with their significant other.