Become a better person in one week. Here’s how.

When is the last time you really felt like yourself? Truly yourself. A time where you felt that the stresses of work and family commitments were under control and you were being the best version of yourself. Chances are, like most people, this time where you were ‘your best self’ was probably a long time ago. The modern world has us feeling stressed, which results in us behaving in ways that aren’t our true selves.

But what if we told you that you can become a better person in one week?

Sounds pretty crazy, but the process is actually quite simple; it involves creating a small 10-minute ritual every day. This 10-minute ritual is for you, and for your only. It is carving out just 0.7% of your day to simply rest and relax.  

One week of taking 10-minute breaks for yourself will make you a better business owner, husband or wife, friend, or son or daughter.

To be successful, you will need to establish a zone in your home where you can shake off the day’s stresses. Take, for example, a hammock – climbing into one will instantly have you feeling like you are floating on a soft, fluffy cloud.

The best part of our Australian hammock range is that they are all easy to set up not just outdoors, but indoors as well. The hammock set up usually only takes minutes, and you can simply uninstall your hammock when you have finished your 10-minutes of rest and relaxation.

We have three hammocks that are ideal for creating this 10-minute ritual. Firstly, you cannot go past the Resort Queen Sized Hammock, its extra-large size is perfect for one person to sprawl out. Secondly, is the Gardeon Swing Bed with Tassels Hammock, its soft cotton features is so enticing, you will have no problem committing to the ritual. Lastly, we recommend the Gardeon Swing Chair if you prefer a more upright position.

So, check out Australia’s best hammock range in our store and set yourself the challenge of finding 10 minutes a day to become a better person.