5 Balcony Privacy Ideas for Summer

5 Balcony Privacy Ideas for Summer

Balconies are the most beautiful and peaceful part of your house that links your interior with the lovely green exterior of your home. You can have a private barbecue party with your friends on your balcony. If you want some peaceful time, sit on your balcony and listen to music or read your favourite book. But in these captivating moments, you don't want any disturbance from outside. Here we will share five mind-blowing balcony privacy ideas that will make your life much easier.

5 Balcony Privacy Ideas for Summer

Growing plants on your balcony

Make your balcony green and private by adding lush green tall plants in pots. You can add some flower pots to add more colour while mesmerising the smell to your balcony. Also, you can plan to cover your patio with climbers and vines. This balcony privacy idea will be super easy on your pocket while giving you and your visitors a green view.

Bamboo dividers 

One excellent balcony privacy idea is to make a bamboo fence on your boundary walls. Before ordering a bamboo fence, always measure your balcony walls to avoid inconvenience. These bamboo walls will provide you privacy while allowing some sunlight to enter your terrace. If you have a big balcony, you can separate inside with bamboo fences. To make your bamboo walls more beautiful, green add some hanging plants.

Outdoor curtains

Uplift your aesthetics by hanging an outdoor curtain on your balcony. One big plus point of this balcony privacy idea is that you can play with your curtains in plenty of ways. You can close them when you want complete privacy or open them to enjoy the exterior view. They are easily removable if you're going to change your balcony's look. In addition, a variety of curtains is available in the market. You can opt for beautiful prints or choose conventional white curtains. While buying your outdoor curtains, always prefer waterproof curtains to save you from hassle in the future.

Roll-up shades 

You can choose to enclose your balcony with roll-up shades. Roll-up shades are strong enough to fight all weathers of the year. The main benefit of this balcony privacy idea is that you can open and close these shades according to your desire and need. They will enhance your balcony's scenery also, making it private. You can choose different shades according to the theme of your patio.

Balcony canopy

If you want to give your balcony a relaxed look while adding privacy to it, then this balcony privacy idea is especially for you. Tops provide you shade on your terrace, under which you can enjoy sunny days. One drawback of the canopy is that you need some help installing them. They require a professional installation. You can find shelters in many styles and prints on the market. If you don't want to use your canopy, fold it and welcome all the sunshine on your balcony.


Go for one of these balcony privacy ideas and enjoy the warmth of summer relaxing in your balcony.  Looking to purchase a hammock to enjoy your newfound privacy on your balcony? Why not turn to the top hammocks Sydney residents choose for comfort and style at MyHammocks.